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OpenSSH secure shell
X.509 v3 certificates
(archive g-series)

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9 Mar 2004 :Version x509g4 (code name Compatibility) is ready.
What's new:
  • diffs version x509g4 for OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 and 3.8p1 (get it).
  • More code, documentaion and test scripts cleanup.
    This version is base for next version with OCSP support.

25 Feb 2004 :
What's new:
  • diff version x509g3 for OpenSSH 3.8p1 (get it).
  • code cleanup:
    Version x509g3 follow up OpenSSH 3.8p1 and don't contain any new functions
  • X.509 test shell scripts cleanup:
    Now all X.509 tests are without local keyword.
    Before changes accepted shell are bash, ksh, zsh and ash. Now I hope they can be run on Unix with standard sh.

2 Okt 2003 :
What's new:
Please to update OpenSSL to versions 0.9.6k or 0.9.7c - see the OpenSSL Security Advisory [30 September 2003]

25 Sep 2003 :
What's new:
  • diff version x509g2 for OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 (get it).

23 Sep 2003 :
What's new:

17 Sep 2003 :
What's new:
  • buffer management errors:
    OpenSSH 3.7x Security Changes:
    All versions of OpenSSH's sshd prior to 3.7.1 contain buffer management errors. It is uncertain whether these errors are potentially exploitable, however, we prefer to see bugs fixed proactively.
    OpenSSH 3.7 fixed one of these bugs.
    OpenSSH 3.7.1 fixes more similar bugs.
    Please see OpenSSH Security Advisory: buffer.adv
  • autoconf 2.52 in OpenSSH 3.7.1p1:
    "configure" script for OpenSSH 3.7.1p1 is generated with autoconf 2.52 :-[. Previous version use 2.53, 2.57 or 2.57a. If you have problems with "configure" script, go in source and run "make -f Makefile.in distprep".
    Script generated from autoconf 2.52 contain line numbers.
    When I prepare "X.509 v3 certificate support" diff I use same autoconf version as used in original archive.
    I don't like to change autoconf version, but result is that diff contain about 500k (unzipped) trash with changes in "configure" script.

12 Jun 2003 : Version x509g2 (code name Compatibility) is ready.
This version sould work fine with OpenSSL 0.9.7+ and other SecSH implementations.
What's new:
  • support for "x509v3-sign-rsa" with "sha1" signature blob
  • support for "Email" in "Distinguished Name" when OpenSSH is build with OpenSSL 0.9.7+
  • rsa blinding for "x509v3-sign-rsa" keys in agent
  • bugfix: swaped scan for "x509v3-sign-rsa" and "x509v3-sign-dss" host keys in ssh-keyscan
  • regression tests:
    • bugfix: added missing openssl "-config ..." option to some test scripts
    • bugfix: correct DN for test CA certificates
    • added Location in test certificates
    • added e-mail in user test certificates
  • bugfix: AllowedCertPurpose=any now work
  • removed redundant include of <openssl/e_os.h>
  • new configure option "--disable-x509store"
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support for "x509v3-sign-rsa" with "sha1" signature blob:
  • Symptom:
    Server/client don't accept X.509 RSA identity/host key for session with other SecSH implementation.
  • Problem:
    Internet draft don't define signature digest type and this is implementation depended. OpenSSH use md5 for X.509 RSA certificates. But other implementation (different vendor and/or version) can use sha1.
  • Solution:
    Now new version can accept both types: md5 and sha1. For more information see version README.x509v3 file. Check the manual pages sshd_config(5) and ssh_config(5) too.
  • Notes:
    "Algorithms and Identifiers for the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile"[RFC3279] define SHA-1 as the preferred one-way hash function for the Internet PKI. One-way hash functions are also called message digest algorithms.
    Most legacy X.509 PKI implementation use MD5.
    Future version of OpenSSH might change default from md5 to sha1 for X.509 RSA certificates and will select algorithm at run time depending of remote verion.

support for "Email" in "Distinguished Name" when OpenSSH is build with OpenSSL 0.9.7+:
  • Symptom:
    after rebuild of OpenSSH+x509 with OpenSSL 0.9.7+ server reject to accept "x509v3-sign-rsa" and "x509v3-sign-dss" identity.
  • Problem:
    Your authorized_keys file contain DN with "Email" attribute. "emailAddress" work with both (0.9.6+,0.9.7+) OpenSSL versions, but v0.9.7 don't accept more "Email".
  • Solution:
    Version g2 solve this problem and accept "Email" attribute in DN independent of OpenSSL version. Take note that is recommend to change "Email" with "emailAddress" in your "authorized_keys" file. Check the "known_hosts" file too.
  • Notes:
    Attribute "emailAddress" is defined in [RFC3280] (obsoletes [RFC2459]) while "Email" exist in legacy X.509 implementations.

new configure option "--disable-x509store":
  • Notes:
    When OpenSSH is build with this option "Distinguished Name" (DN) format is useless and cannot be used in authorized_keys and known_hosts files. Only "blob" format is allowed. In this mode server/client don't verify "client identity"/"server host key". This is useful only when you don't have issuer certificates. With this option programs like ssh-add and ssh-keyscan print certificates blob instead of DN.
    Take note that in this case server/client cannot check for revoked certificates.
Michael Mueller
Dhiraj Bhuyan
George Michaelson

30 Apr 2003 : Version x509g1 (code name Compatibility) is ready.
What's new:
  • now test scripts works with bash, ksh, ash, zsh;
  • suppressed build warnings.
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7 Apr 2003 :
What's new:
  • diff for OpenSSH version 3.6.1p1 (get it).

3 Feb 2003 : Version x509g (code name Compatibility) is ready.
What's new:
  • certificates with more that one attribute from same type in X509 name
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  • more attributes from same type:
    Thanks to Tim Fowle who help me to discover problem.
    A certificate can contain in X.509 name more that one attribute from same type. As example "Distinguished Name" can be "/C=XX/O=Test/OU=Test Unit/OU=OpenSSH Test Team"
    Previous version "f" implement own method to compare X.509 names. In this version the method is improved. The test scripts are changed too and all client test certificates created from them are with three attribute from type "organizational-unit" (OU).

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