[ssh_x509] PKIX-SSH release 13.1

ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info
Thu Apr 22 09:07:47 EEST 2021


ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info wrote:
> Hello,
> On Wed, 21 Apr 2021 22:56:46 +0300
> ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info wrote:
>> Dear list members,
>> New PKIX-SSH release is available for download.
> It appears that the diff applies to the older OpenSSH-8.5p1, and
> updates it to OpenSSH-8.6p1 at the same time as patching in the the
> PKIX-SSH support. Would it be possible to publish a diff for
> OpenSSH-8.6p1?

OpenSSH tag 8.6 exist in respective repository.
Until now I'm not aware for official "portable" tarbal.
I will check when is published will be posted diff to "portable".


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