[ssh_x509] Compilation of PKIXSSH 12.3 on AIX: post documenting the process and code modifications needed

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Tue May 19 19:00:52 EEST 2020

C1 - Non sensitive

Hi everyone,

I have just compiled PKIXSSH 12.3 for AIX 7.1 (on powerpc) and I have made a little post on my blog documenting the process.

Two things to highlight:
- The key for compiling on AIX is using the variable LIBPATH, equivalent to LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux (between others)
- Source code modifications have been needed in two files: configure and session.c. This modifications are available at my github https://github.com/Ciges/pkixssh-12.3

The post is "Compilation of OpenSSH 8.1 on AIX":  http://tech.ciges.net/blog/compilation-of-openssh-8-1-on-aix/

Best regards!

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