[ssh_x509] experimental installation packages

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Thu Apr 9 21:38:06 EEST 2020


Project provides sample spec-files for SuSE and based on Red Hat Linux distributions.

Finally issues with variation and availability of certain packages on certain OS releases are resolved. The results could be found here : https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:petrov_r/pkixssh

Builds are complete, i.e. with FIPS and OpenLDAP enabled. All regression test pass except:
  - regression tests exclude multiplex. I cannot get it to pass in "openSUSE build service" environment - it fail regularly . This test some time fail in may test environments. So I'm not sure that it will added again to default tests.
- on some releases LDAP test is excluded as vendors stop to provide package with OpenLDAP server.

The builds are considered experimental as for instance startup process is based only on System V "init" scripts. Also some installation issues are not resolved yet.

Roumen Petrov


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