[ssh_x509] SecureBox Pro 2.5.0 and PKIX-SSH 12.2

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Thu Sep 26 21:10:24 EEST 2019

Hello list members,

I would like to announce availability of SecureBox Pro 2.5.0. This 
release includes:
- New packaging model for native executables - ensures compatibility 
with Android 10.
- Packaged with PKIX-SSH 12.2 and OpenSSL 1.1.0d.

PKIX-SSH 12.2 is special release for Android:

(x) Features:
* prepared for packaging of executable into android application "library 
   Added extra integration between executable and Adndroid application. 
Note Android 10 SELinux rules forbid execution if binary is in writable 

* wrap rename for Android
   Required by ssh-keygen -A to work.

* sftp manual page and usage updates
   For get/put and reget/reput command use 'p' and 'R' as arguments. 
Keep 'P' and 'r' as redundant/deprecated flag. Add the -f flag to reput 
and reget.

(x) Bugs:
* rewrite sftp progress meter to avoid garbage output
   Also ensure that it works on narrow terminals (like Android phones).

Android 10 removed execute permission for application home directory. As 
result use of native executable outside system paths is a big challenge. 
This is resolved with above releases.
Respective updates in SecureBox will be done in near future. Those 
updates require some support enhancement in terminal application 

Roumen Petrov

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