[ssh_x509] PKIX-SSH release 11.4

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Fri Aug 24 23:49:56 EEST 2018

Hello all,

First major release 11.4 after push of source code into public 
repository is ready for download./The complete list of changes could be 
viewed here:
  https://gitlab.com/secsh/pkixssh/commits/master .

//Release includes ////following //important evolution//:
* IPQoS defaults
/    Change defaults IPQoS in client and daemon to DSCP(differentiated 
services code point):
     - AF21: for interactive and
     - CS1: for bulk traffic
* //ssh-askpass alternatives
/Update information for ssh-askpass alternatives. Also added shell 
script that wraps KDialog.
* //limit agent connections
/Authentication agent postpone accepting new connections when maximum 
number of file descriptor is exceeded.
* //algorithms for keyscan
/Command keyscan uses -t argument as algorithm filter (pattern-list).
* //SendEnv arguments
/Use pattern-list for client option SendEnv. Note option allows negated 
* //new option SetEnv
/New client and daemon option SetEnv. Processing of user environment 
settings in daemon is updated do not allow user to override server settings.
*//PermitUserEnvironment arguments
/Daemon option PermitUserEnvironment accepts in addition a pattern-list 
of "white-listed" environment variable names.
* //new option PermitListen
/New daemon option PermitListen that controls client requests for remote 
forwarding (ssh -R).
* //expansion of user id
/User id is available as a %-expansion everywhere that the user name is 
available currently (%i for client and %U for daemon).
* //keysign use
/Hostbased authentication always uses ssh-keysign. This avoids one of 
reasons for "setuid" root client.
* //no "setuid" client
/Removed support for running client "setuid". Also deprecate client 
option UsePrivilegedPort.
* //without "S/Key"
/Removed support for "S/Key" authentication

/* //private key formats
/"ssh-keygen" command option -m PEM with -p flag could be used to 
convert private keys in widely used and more portable PEM format. Not 
applicable for ed25519 keys yet. Those keys still use proprietary format.

Roumen Petrov

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