[ssh_x509] x509v3-sign-rsa public key format (for public key auth)

ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info
Fri Mar 10 06:38:16 EET 2017

Hi Roumen,

I'm trying to figure out how to get public key auth going using
x509v3-ssh-rsa and x509v3-ssh-dss.  In your release notes you noted
some differences between the current and older versions in how the
publickey blob is encoded.  Can you elaborate on this?  I've tried the
following from the RFC to encode the public public key with cert chain
but it doesn't seem to be working.

     string  "x509v3-ssh-dss" / "x509v3-ssh-rsa" /
             "x509v3-rsa2048-sha256" / "x509v3-ecdsa-sha2-[identifier]"
     uint32  certificate-count
     string  certificate[1..certificate-count]



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