[ssh_x509] How to Authenticate to Non-X.509 SSH Servers

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Wed Jul 15 22:46:58 EEST 2015

ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info wrote:
> All / Roumen,
>     If I understand this correctly, this is something I have to 
> manually specify for every server (obviously, optionally in the 
> .ssh/config file) ?
Its depend from environment. Based on some requests in the past in 
corporate network only X.509 keys are acceptable.
> That is a huge breakage to me (since it's the first thing I noticed).
It most or servers support only "plain" public key  you could set 
PubkeyAlgorithms in Host * section.

> Once I'm on a host that doesn't talk PKIXSSH, it doesn't appear it can 
> access my RSA public key in my (forwarded) agent.  Is this expected ?
In should work as protocol is same. Did you mean servers with Tectia or 
SUN ssh implementation?

> Thanks,
>     Roy Keene 

Roumen Petrov

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