[ssh_x509] How to Authenticate to Non-X.509 SSH Servers

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Sun Jul 12 08:26:43 EEST 2015


	I just started using PKIX-SSH and have been able to configure it 
locally to talk to a remote SSH server running PKIX-SSH via a smartcard 
accessed through a PKCS#11 module.

However, when I try to use my agent to talk to an SSH server that does 
not support PKIX-SSH I am unable to authenticate with the 
public-key-only.  I get the following error:
	sshd[15416]: userauth_pubkey: unsupported public key algorithm: 
x509v3-sign-rsa [preauth]

What is the intended way for users to authenticate to Non-PKIX-SSH 
servers as well as PKIX-SSH servers using the same agent (while using 
PKCS#11) ?

	Roy Keene

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