[ssh_x509] pkix-ssh release 8.3

ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info
Wed Mar 18 23:14:00 EET 2015

Dear All,

I would like to announce immediate availability of new PKIX-SSH release:

* Version 8.3 includes OpenSSH 6.8p1
   Continue refactoring of key-related functions to be more library-like.
   Minimum supported OpenSSL version is 0.9.7.

* Pattern in allowed algorithms
   Version 5.4 published on 24 November 2004, implement for first time 
new server options PubkeyAlgorithms and HostbasedAlgorithms to restrict 
allowed protocol version 2 algorithms in public-key or host-based 
authentication. Also PubkeyAlgorithms is available in client. With 
version 8.2 format is changed to accept wildcard pattern with default 
value *, i.e. allowed all algorithms. Note that wildcard pattern format 
is backward compatible with previous lists.
   For consistency version 8.2 adds new client option - 
HostbasedAlgorithms. The default value of client options is *, i.e. 
allowed all algorithms. Both client options also support pattern matching.

* OpenSSL engine support
   With code refactoring of key-related functions to be more 
library-like in version 8.2 broke engine support. Now code of engine 
related functions is refactored and support is restored.

* Portability
   This version adds some portability improvements for born shell 
scripts used in regression tests.

Roumen Petrov

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