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Sat Feb 2 16:31:07 EET 2013

Hi Andrew,

ssh_x509 at roumenpetrov.info wrote:
> Hi,
> This isn't the greatest code - it's badly indented (sorry), poorly tested, and
> the error handling may be incomplete - but it extends the PKCS11 code to
> handle DSA keys as well as RSA (see the "FIXME" comment in your ssh-pkcs11.c).
Thanks for contribution.

Indentation is perfect , just copy&paste from email. You fully follow coding style.

Please find attached "0001-support-DSA-in-PKCS-11-wrapper.patch"
     with integrated code with following updates:
- use openssl define SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH
- use DSA_SIG_new() instead malloc
- fprintf(stderr... replaced with debug3(...
- x509key_from_blob return NULL instead to raise fatal if algorithm is not supported

> I, my employer, and our client waive all rights to this code, but provide no
> warranty or guarantees to its safety, correctness or usefulness.  Feel free to
> include it in your patches if it helps.
What to add in Copyright section of ssh-pkcs11.c ?

> Cheers + thanks for the work,
> Andrew


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